Lydia Moawad is considered as one of the most contemporary Lebanese renowned Artist painters. She has exhibited widely in Tokyo, Berlin, Austria ,Rotterdam, Florence, Paris, Milan, Kowait ,Dubai ,Qatar , Amman, and Museum of Agadir. Her paintings were…….

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Welcome to my official website! 

I am glad to share my work with you. Surfing these pages means getting into my very intimate world; the world of my paintings…my “ jewels “. Hoping to enlighten and color the moments you will spend here, I will be more than happy to answer all your questions and requests. Enjoy the journey! Lydia Moawad




Lydia Moawad (1965) is considered as one of the most contemporary Lebanese renowned artist painters. Her paintings were auctioned and sold in the "Modern Art Show Arabian Wings 4" September 2014, in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) among the paintings of Picasso, Vangogh, Fateh El Mudaress and many others.

She has exhibited widely in Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Austria, Rotterdam, Florence, Paris, Milan, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Amman and Museum of Agadir. Lydia Moawad has been decorated with several Medals of honour and Certifications for her work in Lebanon and Abroad.


Lydia Moawad’s art is an exploration of color, movement, and emotions.

Working with a high vibration of positive energy, the feeling comes from the core and spreads

between the conception and the creation, the colours and shapes find their places spontaneously and the work becomes its own source of inspiration.

The seed sown by the artist within her work becomes an eternal tree of life under which many poets find their inspiration.

Documentary for the artist Lydia Moawad who just joined 11th Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong.



Lydia Moawad is one of Lebanese renowned contemporary painters. Her work has been exhibited in Japan, Europe and the US. Her work has been auctioned and sold among the work of Picasso, Van Gogh, and many others famous artists. She is the Vice President of Lebanese Association of Artists Painters and Sculptors, and a Member of the International Association of Art UNESCO Paris.



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